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- Author of Boycotting Peace, (Just Release)
- Columnist, Lecturer & Radio Host
- Boycott Expert & Consultant
- Recognized by the Wall Street Journal
- Mentioned before the US Supreme Court twice
- Consumer Advocate
- Boycott Prevention & Crisis Management
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     The Arab boycott of Israel is the single biggest impediment to peace in the Middle East because you cannot have peace with someone who will not sit down with you for a cup of coffee.

   The Arab boycott became official policy with the creation of the Arab League in 1921, twenty-seven years before Israel was established, to starve out the Jews before Israel could be created. That's the same Arab League which declaring war on Israel and meets regularly to reaffirm their boycott. It does not end there. While Syria re-patents copies of Israeli products for the Arab world and the PA/PLO expanded their boycott to Malaysia while claiming to negotiate for peace with Israel in good faith, a consultant to the PA/PLO secretly created and drove the Goldstone Commission.

   On campuses, DBS is being pushed to create a new generation which believes boycotting Israel is moral and just. De-legitimization, unfortunately, is not the final goal, it is dismantlement. The Arab plan is to have average Americans to do their bidding to bankrupt Israel so they can then say Israel is a failed state which needs to be dismantled rather than bailed out. My book, Boycotting Peace, proves it.
  Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch, was on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News twice speaking about the Natallee Holloway inspired boycott of Aruba. See the report and video here.

   Fred Taub is a nationally recognized expert on boycotts and their effects, including consumer reactions to boycott calls and what makes consumers so upset that they not only refuse to do business with you and your company, but will work to get others to join them in order to boycott your business.

   Boycotts can cost your company hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars before you realize what is happening. Fred Taub works with businesses to help them prevent boycotts from happening in the first place and how to best respond to a boycott against your business.

Fred Taub and Boycott Watch:

  • Mentioned in two Briefings to the US Supreme Court
  • Testimony Before the CT State Legislature
  • Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor and Numerous Other Publications
  • Regularly Appears on Television News and Radio News Programs as an Expert on Boycotts
  • Lectures about Boycott Prevention and Proper Responses
  • Confidentially Consults with Businesses about how to avoid boycotts and what to do when faced with one.
   Fred Taub says:
   "When faced with a boycott, corporate executives want to do one thing, the lawyers another, and then the PR people step in and claim to be experts in boycotts but they haven't a clue. The fact is that you need an expert in boycotts who knows how consumers react to boycotts, what makes a boycott successful, and how to respond so a boycott does not damage your company. That's where I come in - my specialized experience and expertise is unmatched. When you need an expert in boycotts, call me. More importantly, call me before you have a problem so you know what not to do, thus preventing boycotts in the first place.

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